ALASI2018: Co-designing learning analytics with LA-DECK


Learning Analytics Design Cards (LA-DECK): Unpacking interstakeholder codesign through strategic cards.

Carlos Gerardo Prieto Alvarez, Roberto Martinez-Maldonado and Simon Buckingham Shum (Connected Intelligence Centre, University of Technology Sydney)

This workshop introduces participants to LA-DECK — Learning Analytics Design Cards [preview the cards]. This workshop will work particularly well for a team who want to explore the provision of learning analytics for a system you all understand. In this way, you can assess the potential of LA-DECK for your context.

However, you can definitely come along solo, and then work in an ad hoc team. You’ll just have to agree either to work on a fictional learning analytics challenge we’ll provide (below), or one that a team member can easily explain from their context (but we want to minimise the time you spend deciding this).

Learning Analytics Challenge: You want to give personalized feedback to 1,000 students to help them improve their communication skills.

After a brief intro, the core of the workshop will be hands-on with the LA-DECK simulating a co-design process structured by the LA-DECK, concluding with a plenary debrief to share experiences, reflections and show examples.

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