This archive lists current and past research projects. Where possible, project websites that are no longer live are archived on my domain.

University of Technology Sydney (2014 — present)

Context: I joined as inaugural Director of the Connected Intelligence Centre (CIC) in 2014. CIC is funded by UTS as a strategic centre, so in contrast to previous academic appointments, my priority is less on securing external funding, but on using the core funding for analytics requirements analysis, innovation and impact. However, we continue to collaborate nationally and internationally in areas strategically aligned with UTS priorities.

2018-2019      Building ATN Institutional Capacity for Text Analytics. Chief Investigator, Australian Technology Network (ATN) Learning & Teaching Innovation Grant, AUD$100,000

2016-2018      Scaling the Provision of Personalised Learning Support Actions to Large Student Cohorts. Partner Investigator (U. Sydney lead partner), Australian Office for Learning and Teaching, AUD$350,000

2015-present      Dispositional Learning Analytics. UTS funded.

2015-2019      Multimodal Learning Analytics for Collocated Teamwork. UTS funded.

2015-2017       Enabling Connected Learning via Open Source Analytics in the Wild: Learning Analytics Beyond the LMSPartner Investigator (QUT lead partner), Australian Office for Learning and Teaching, AUD$320,000

2015-2017       Vice-Chancellor’s Learning & Teaching Innovation Grants. University of Technology Sydney: 8 x 1 year internal pilot projects with faculty, AUD$10,000/project approx.

2014-present      Academic Writing Analytics. UTS funded.

2013-2016      Student Retention and Learning Analytics: A Snapshot of Australian Practices and a Framework for Advancement. Partner Investigator (U. South Australia lead partner), Australian Office for Learning and Teaching, AUD$248,000

The Open University UK (1995-2014)

Context: I joined the new launched Knowledge Media Institute (KMI) in 1995 as a Research Fellow, and saw this grow from around 20 to 70 staff. From 1997-2014 I secured continuous external funding of £1.89M for my team from several UK Research Councils. 

2013-2016       Election Debate Visualization: Interactive Replays of the 2015 UK General Election Prime Ministerial TV Debates. Co- Investigator. Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) project, £500,000

2013-2015      CATALYST: Collective Applied Intelligence and Analytics for Social Innovation.  Co- Investigator. European Commission Framework 7 ICT Project, €2.5M

2012-2014      Educational Futures Evidence Hub. OU Lead Partner. Principal Investigator. Partners: Vital/DfE, Burdett Foundation, Birmingham City Council, Milton Keynes Council, £67,000

2011-2014      EnquiryBlogger: Blogging about Learning Powered Enquiry-based Projects. OU Lead Partner. Co- Investigator. Paul Hamlyn Foundation and University of Bristol, £15,000 Partners: University of Bristol

2009-2012      Open Learning Network. OU Lead Partner. Co-I whole project, Lead: Collective Intelligence Work Package Hewlett Foundation, $3M total ($2M = £1.3M to OU, £237,088 to KMI). Partners: Carnegie Mellon University

2008-2009      e-Dance. U. Bedfordshire Lead Partner. Co-Investigator whole project, Lead: Knowledge+Video Mapping. Joint EPSRC/AHRC/JISC Arts & Humanities e- Science Prog. (£337,017, £75,440 to KMI). Partners: Universities of Leeds, Manchester and Bedfordshire

2006-2008      OpenLearn: Open Educational Resources. OU Lead Partner. Co-I whole project, Lead: Open Sensemaking Communities Project. Hewlett Foundation, £472,247 to KMI  

2005-2007       ECOSENSUS: Electronic/Ecological Collaborative Sensemaking Support System.  OU Lead Partner. Co-I whole project, Lead: Knowledge+GIS Mapping. ESRC e-Social Science Programme RES-149-25-1017, £45,663 (£44,426 to KMI)

2005-2006       MEMETIC: Meeting Memory Technologies Informing Collaboration. OU Lead • Manchester Lead Partner. Co-I whole project, Lead: Meeting Mapping. JISC, £200,656 (£33,657 to KMI). Partners: Universities of Manchester and Southampton

2004               Co-OPR Project: Collaborative Operations for Personnel Recovery, OU Lead, Edinburgh Lead Partner. Co-I whole project, Lead: Knowledge Mapping. DARPA/SAIC, $350,000 (£48,700 to KMI). Partners: University of Edinburgh

2002-2004       CoAKTinG: Collaborative Advanced Knowledge Technologies in the Grid, OU Lead (2 year collaboration with NASA on Mars Field Trials). Southampton Lead Partner. Co-I whole project, Lead: Knowledge Mapping. EPSRC GR/R85143/01 £517,139 (£156,714 to KMI). Partners: Universities of Edinburgh and Southampton

2001-2004       An Ontology-Based Environment for Managing Distributed Research Knowledge. EPSRC GR/N35885/01 £315,929. OU Lead Partner. Principal Investigator.

2000-2002       Electronic Journal of Well Engineering Project. BP, £61,000 • OU Lead Partner. Principal Investigator. Partners: BP

1999               Next Generation Infrastructures for Scholarly PublishingEPSRC GR/M78151/01 (Visiting Research Fellowship), £1750. Partner: University of Colorado at Boulder

1998-1999       Towards Designing Scholarly Documents for the World Wide WebBritish Council, £4,800, OU Lead Partner. Co-I whole project. Partner: Université Aix-en-Provence

1997-1998       London Mathematical Society Electronic Journals Project, £25,000, OU Lead Partner. Co-Principal Investigator whole project

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