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My teaching is primarily the mentoring of PhD students, of whom I’m very proud! Search my blog and follow the KMi/CIC news links for more stories about their work . . .

Clara Mancini (1999—2003). Towards Cinematic Hypertext. A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation | KMi News | Now Senior Lecturer in Computing, Open University

Bertrand Sereno (2001—2006). A Document-Centric Semantic Annotation Environment to Support Sense-Making | KMi News | Now HR Expert Consultant Talent & Learning, ING

Alexandra Okada (2003—2006, 05-06 in KMi with me). Investigative Cartography: Epistemological and Communicational Interfaces to Map Knowledge in Research Projects | KMi News | Now Research Associate, Open University

Anna De Liddo (2006—2008). A Process Memory Platform to Support Participatory Planning and Deliberation | KMi News | Now Senior Research Fellow, KMi

Neil Benn (2002—2009). Modelling Scholarly Debate: Conceptual Foundations for Knowledge Domain Analysis Technology | KMi News | Now Développeur Chef d’équipe, Lunatech SAS

Joanna Kwiat (2000—2009). Multi-Perspective Annotation of Digital Stories for Professional Knowledge Sharing | KMi News | Now Northampton Borough Council

Al Selvin (2003—2011). Making Representations Matter: Understanding Practitioner Experience in Participatory Sensemaking | KMi News | Director, User Experience & Knowledge Management, Verizon USA (R.I.P.)

Simon Knight (2013—2015). Developing Learning Analytic Understandings of Epistemic Commitments in a Collaborative Information Seeking Task  | KMi News | Now Senior Lecturer, University of Technology Sydney

Duygu Bektik (née Simsek) (2012—2016). Learning Analytics for Academic Writing Through Automatic Identification of Metadiscourse | KMi News | Now Lecturer, The Open University, UK

Shibani Antonette (2016—2019). Augmenting Pedagogic Writing Practice with Contextualizable Learning Analytics | CIC News | Now Lecturer in Transdisciplinary Innovation, University of Technology Sydney

Vanessa Echeverria Barzola (2016—2020). Designing Feedback for Collocated Teams using Multimodal Learning Analytics | CIC News | Now Postdoctoral Fellow, Human-Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

Carlos Prieto Alvarez (2016—2020). Engaging Stakeholders in the Learning Analytics Design Process | CIC News | Now Senior Learning Technologist, University of Sydney

Sophie Abel (2017—). Embedding Writing Analytics Tools in Research Writing Pedagogy to Develop and Improve HDR Students’ Research Writing  | CIC News

Gloria Fernández Nieto (2019—). In Pursuit of Educationally Meaningful Automatic Feedback for Collaboration in Collocated Scenarios. | CIC News

Ben Hicks (2020—). Mapping Data Transitions: From Data to Sensemaking in Learning Analytics. 

Yuveena Gopalan (2021—). Professional Learning Analytics for Research Career Development. 

I regularly give tutorial introductions for professional development and doctoral summer schools, e.g.

Co-Chair, Doctoral Consortium, International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge (2015, 2016, 2019, 2020)

10th ICO International Research School – workshop leader for educational doctoral students

EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative and online webinars: several invitational seminars delivered online on Learning Analytics

Research as Hypermedia Discourse, “Nuts & Bolts” Research Methods Conference, The Open University, Milton Keynes

Visual Sensemaking for Contested Collective Intelligence, UK Visual Analytics PhD Summer School, Middlesex University

Finally, I did some work on tools for e-PhDs, that is, part-time doctoral research conducted at a distance from the student’s supervisor and lab.

UTS Master of Data Science & Innovation (2015-2017)

UTS:CIC designed, launched (in 2015) and coordinated the transdisciplinary Master of Data Science & Innovation. As part of this, I coordinated and taught the first presentation of Data Visualisation & Narratives in 2016. In 2018 this program transferred to the new Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation.

Open University MBA: Managing Knowledge (1999-2002)

The Open University Business School launched the world’s first MBA level course on the red hot topic of Managing Knowledge in 1999 [archive page]. Joining this pioneering, multidisciplinary, distance learning team, I contributed:

  • Knowledge Technologies in Context (Course Unit): Conceptual foundations for the relationships between knowledge forms and technologies.

  • The Cost of Knowledge (Course Unit): What are the costs of obtaining information and turning it into useful knowledge? Put this into practice in a collaborative sensemaking exercise in an internet team.

  • Sensemaking in an Internet Team (Assignment): A novel internet-based assignment to reflect on the sensemaking and team processes involved in analyzing diverse information resources on the Web.

  • Managing Knowledge: An Essential Reader which brought together the key readings for the MBA. [chapter eprint]

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