LAK16 Panel: Institutional Learning Analytics Centres

Here’s a heads-up on a panel discussion coming up at LAK16. Join us 11am-12 on Friday morning (Prestonfield Rm, Macintyre Centre)) to hear how educational institutions are configuring different kinds of centres to build their learning analytics capacity.

Since we want to minimise time in lecture mode, and maximise conversation, we invite you to come armed having read the panellists’  position statements [pdf] (and this post-hoc addition of their slides). Note the line-up has changed slightly.

Institutional Learning Analytics Centres: Contexts, Strategies and Insights

Simon Buckingham Shum, Kevin Mayles, Leah Macfadyen, Shane Dawson & Lisa Berry

An indicator of the maturing field of learning analytics is the creation of new organizational entities dedicated to using learning analytics services to improve the student experience through institutional research. Going beyond traditional Business Intelligence (BI), these groups operate firmly at the intersection of learning and analytics — they can speak the language of pedagogy and assessment with educators, invent/deploy novel analytics tools, while engaging IT and BI colleagues around mainstreaming services. The end-users targeted by these learning analytics centres are educators and learners. In this panel, the leaders of seven differently configured centres, from diverse universities, share insights on issues such providing rapid value from pilots, research-based innovation, ways to engage stakeholders, vendor partnerships, data quality, and alignment with university strategy. Our hope is that attendees will leave with fresh ideas on the options they have to advance learning analytics in their own contexts.

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