New: Argument & Computation journal

The inaugural issue of Argument & Computation just dropped in the pigeonhole, which is a delight to see… and there’s open access to the first issue.

Congratulations to the editors — a great milestone to see as the field matures.

“Argument and Computation aims to promote the interaction and cross-fertilisation between the fields of argumentation theory and computer science. It will be of interest to researchers in the fields of artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, computer science, logic, philosophy, argumentation theory, psychology, cognitive science, game theory and economics. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Argumentation and cognitive architectures
  • Argumentation and computational game theory
  • Argumentation and defeasible reasoning
  • Argumentation and nonmonotonic logics
  • Argumentation and Decision Theory
  • Argumentation and Logic Programming
  • Argumentation and game semantics
  • Software for teaching argumentation skills
  • Argumentation-based interaction protocols
  • Argumentation-based semantics of programs
  • Argumentation in natural language processing
  • Argumentation in human computer interaction
  • Argumentation in multi-agent systems
  • Computational models of natural argument
  • Dialogue games and conversation policies
  • Dispute resolution and mediation systems
  • Electronic democracy and public deliberation
  • Legal and medical applications
  • Models of bargaining and economic interaction
  • Reasoning about action through argumentation
  • Computational tools for argumentation support

In order to distinguish itself from the competition, the new journal will not solicit papers that are wholly within the theory of argumentation without application (practical or theoretical) with in artificial intelligence or computer science, nor will it solicit computational work that fails to employ argumentation as a core focus.

The journal will accept full articles, describing novel theoretical or applied research in any of the areas of interest; reviews, condensing and critiquing an appropriate subfield of research; system descriptions, focusing on implementations (typically offering online access or downloadable code) and letters, providing pithy polemic on burning issues.”

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