KMi supports Global Climate Change Situation Room

Last December, I reported the launch of the Millennium Project’s Global Climate Change Situation Room (GCCSR). Work has been progressing with this, and they’ve just released a screencast previewing some of the tools that will contribute to the collective intelligence platform they’re building:

Currently, this has the feel of many news aggregator services, but there is an intruiging looking set of red-amber-green dashboard indicators – it would be interesting to learn more of what sits behind them in terms of data fusion and analytics, and the sensemaking practices that emerge around their use by the domain experts who form a key part of the GCCSR concept.

On the knowledge integration/CI front, our research is concerned with Contested Collective Intelligence, which is germane to a domain such as this. Jack Park, a doctoral candidate in KMi’s Hypermedia Discourse group, is investigating the potential of adding hypermedia discourse support to GCCSR, and if this develops, we look forward to reporting more fully as they go on stream [meantime, for background to his work see his recent research report].

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