Visualizing UK Election Debate 2

Following the dialogue mapping of Debate-1, I’ve just added in the Debate-2 Dialogue Maps from this evening’s broadcast with a few 2-way links to the Debate 1 maps, since some of the questions were common (a duplication which I thought was a bit odd – aren’t there enough issues not to have to ask the same thing twice?).

We are in the process of analysing these in more detail, as described in previous posts, and sync’ing them with video.

3 Responses to “Visualizing UK Election Debate 2”

  1. Where can I find a key to the meaning of the small blue and black numbers either side of the circles?


  2. Hi Pansy:

    * the lower left digit on a Map icon shows how many nodes are inside it

    * the digit to the lower right shows how many other maps it’s embedded in: roll your mouse over it to pop-up a menu to jump to one of those other views.


  3. Note that this pilot work has since developed into a new project to map the anticipated 2015 Election Debates:


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