Cohere movie for Mozilla Jetpack

As you may have seen, in the Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge, Mozilla Foundation have teamed up with the MacArthur Foundation “to help turn the open Web into a rich learning environment and explore new possibilities for learning online.”

So, we thought we’d have a crack at it with our Cohere Web 3.0 app for making web annotations, meaningful connections between ideas, and mapping arguments. Here’s the movie that tells the story, and you can get the Mozilla extension for Firefox and Flock from the Cohere homepage.

[Hi-res version]

Well done Anna de Liddo and Michelle Bachler for putting this together in record time 🙂

So far, we’re through Round 1…

Future plans include extending to video annotation (hunting for good examples and open source code to annotate YouTube clips etc), transitioning to a more powerful Flash based visualization toolkit (we’re working with Flare), and providing templates for critical thinking, such as the argumentation schemes we already have for our desktop knowledge mapping tool, Compendium (which currently uploads XML maps to Cohere).

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  1. The Mozilla design camp for the Jetpack for Learning winners at SXSW’10 just completed, with two Open.U KMi teams participating from Cohere and Mupple! 🙂

    Mozilla Labs announced the special awards, with Mupple’s Laurien Gridinoc receiving a special award for his superhelpful activity in the dev community!

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