Knowledge Mapping for Sensemaking: webinar, 2008.04.17

Members of the Hypermedia Discourse team will contribute to a webinar that introduces Knowledge Mapping for Sensemaking, in the context of a series on “Ontology in Knowledge Management and Decision Support”, sponsored by NASA, a US government collaboration technologies group, and the Ontolog virtual forum.
This event contributes to a 6-month mini-series comprising Talks, Panel Discussions and Online Discourse; with the virtual events being offered in both ‘real world’ (augmented conference calls) and ‘virtual world’ (Second Life) settings.

Join us next Thurs April 17…

The summary is as follows.

A “knowledge mapping” approach to managing information, knowledge and decisions places the emphasis on the creation of “cartographic” layers, which like spatial maps, weave different kinds of stories over the “raw data” of documents, deadlines, resources, problems. Just as the map is not the territory, neither is a knowledge map neutral, nor necessarily a consensus worldview, and not to be taken as truth. Continuing the spatial planning metaphor, a good knowledge map is a powerful representation for sensemaking: orientation, shared memory, filtering complexity, and maintaining shared attention for planning and decision making. In software, digital maps of such intellectual landscapes exploit the power of hypermedia, folksonomy, social tools, and (where possible) reasoning over formal ontology. The centrality of social processes in negotiating the meaning of a map is unquestioned. The speakers in today’s session work from these assumptions, and will take you deeper into their particular approaches.

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