Prototyping a systemic school learning methodology

I’m just back from an amazing workshop at Bristol. This is a step along the path of an unfolding story about how we are using the groundbreaking work of Tony Bryk‘s team on  Design, Educational Engineering and Development (DEED), as a methodology for systemic school change. This is combined with the University of Bristol’s Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory (ELLI), which forms part of a process of Authentic Inquiry (AI) for students, teachers and leaders.

My part of this systemic approach is that the insights from these prototypes are then shared via our Collective Intelligence Evidence Hub. My introduction to this is below, but see the full story on Learning Emergence to understand how this fits into the whole approach, and the demos I then give after teachers’ presentations.

Oasis Academies intend to use the Hub as a key way to distill and share staff learning across the region’s academies. This is  an exciting convergence, with the academy piloting this reports that it has catalysed a profound shift in how they think about professional development.

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