Participatory, multimedia project memory

Followers of our work will know we’ve worked closely with Jeff Conklin, building on his foundational work on the craft of Dialogue Mapping for capturing key aspects of a team’s deliberations in a visual map. In Al Selvin’s and Maarten Sierhuis’s extension called Conversational Modelling, this has been extended to support visual modelling driven by more constrained templates.

Based on the doctoral work by Anna De Liddo, we’ve just published a KM case study, in the context of managing the diverse, hybrid forms of information and interpretation that surround participatory urban planning, in which shared ownership of outcomes is critical. This uses the above approaches, supported by the open source Compendium visual hypermedia tool, but extended through the systematic use of custom views and tagging to index contributions against five key dimensions of KM in this context — but relevant to many others:

• dialogical • social • spatial • temporal • causal •

De Liddo, A. and Buckingham Shum, S. (2010). Capturing and Representing Deliberation in Participatory Planning Practices. In: De Cindio F., Macintosh A. & Peraboni C., (Eds.) From e-Participation to Online Deliberation, Proceedings OD2010: Fourth International Conference on Online Deliberation, Leeds, UK, 30 June – 2 July, 2010. ISBN 0-96678-186-4. Proceedings accessible online: Article ePrint:

For more detail see Anna’s dissertation and this webcast seminar:

QuickTime PlayerScreenSnapz026

For an overview of our approach see Hypermedia Discourse: Contesting networks of ideas and arguments, and its historical development in this talk to the Design, Computing & Cognition conference:

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