Spatio-temporal video annotation in Compendium

[From e-Dance blog]

We are now working on embedding video into Compendium, to enable not only the usual temporal annotation of video, but adding a spatial dimension so that choreography researchers/practitioners/students can position annotations in specific locations, appearing/disappearing within specific time-windows, and linked within and between clips.

Moreover, annotations in Compendium are not simply free-text ‘stickies’, but hypertext nodes, embedded in an arbitrary number of other views and conversations, possibly linked to whole new networks, possibly with their own annotated movies.

The first screenshot shows the node layer annotated over the video layer (from William Forsythe’s Improvisational Technologies DVD)…

This second example shows two videos running, connected by nodes…

This will be evolved into a more fully developed environment with appropriate support tools in the coming months, working closely with the choreographers as we release early and often for feedback.

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