Collaborative Learning Analytics (CSCL Handbook chapter)

Delighted to share this preprint of a chapter that I’ve been working on with Alyssa Wise and Simon Knight. It’s due out in the exciting new CSCL Handbook this year!

Wise, A., Knight, S., Buckingham Shum, S. (In Press) Collaborative Learning Analytics. In: Cress, U., Rosé C., Wise, A. & Oshima, J. (Eds.), International Handbook of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (Springer). Preprint: PDF


The use of data from computer-based learning environments has been a longstanding feature of CSCL. Learning analytics can enrich this established work in CSCL. This chapter outlines synergies and tensions between the two fields. Drawing on examples, we discuss established work to use learning analytics as a research tool (analytics of collaborative learning – ACL). Beyond this potential though, we discuss the use of analytics as a mediational tool in CSCL – Collaborative Learning Analytics (CLA). This shift raises important challenges regarding the role of the computer – and analytics –in supporting and developing human agency and learning. LA offers a new tool for CSCL research. CSCL offers important contemporary perspectives on learning for a knowledge society, and as such is an important site of action for learning analytics research that both builds our understanding of collaborative learning, and support that learning.

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