Was I talking to a human?

I found myself musing increasingly on whether I was in a Turing test yesterday… In the end I had to ask.

ASUS Live Chat Support
Rudolph O.Support Representative
Rudolph O.Hello Simon & Jackie Buckingham Shum, thank you for contacting ASUS support. Please give me a few moments to review your information. I will be with you shortly.

Hello Simon & Jackie Buckingham Shum, how are you today?

Simon & Jackie Buckingham Shum Fine thanks. I have had no response to my problem reported 8 March: https://vip.asus.com…ailDetail/WTMxxx

Rudolph O.I’m very sorry for that you haven’t received a reponse. Would you be so kind to describe the issue you’re having

Simon & Jackie Buckingham Shum As stated in my report: Unfortunately this laptop, bought new at Christmas as a special gift for my daughter, is crashing on a weekly basis, and even when working is too slow to run Windows 7 responsively. Extremely frustrating to use! It should not in all honesty be sold as a Win 7 machine.

I would like to replace it with a higher spec model, paying the difference in price. Please can you confirm the procedure to do this. Or receive a full refund.

Rudolph O.I am sorry to hear that you’re having this issue. I will be more than happy to assist you.


Based on your issue you can send your notebook in for servicing or contact the store you purchased the notebook from because we do not provide refunds

Simon & Jackie Buckingham Shum The NoteBook X53U is too slow to run Windows 7. I would like to exchange it for a more powerful model, paying the difference.

Rudolph O.Regrettably you will have to contact your place of purchase for a possible exchange or refund.

Simon & Jackie Buckingham Shum I am dealing with you directly as the manufacturer: the NoteBook was brand new, so this is nothing to do with the vendor (Amazon). So the only option is to send it in for servicing?

Rudolph O.Regrettably Simon & Jackie Buckingham Shum we don’t provide refunds or the option to select a higher performance unit and you pay the difference.

Also the notebook wasn’t purchased from Asus because we do not sell to end-users so you will have to contact Amazon.

What i can do is create an RMA so that you can send your notebook in for servicing.

Simon & Jackie Buckingham Shum OK please do that

Rudolph O.I noticed you’re outside of North America (USA and Canada). What i’m going to advise you to do is contact our regional support line for the United Kingdom for assistance.

Simon & Jackie Buckingham Shum Yes, I am in UK

Rudolph O.You will have to contact the UK support line for assistance

Simon & Jackie Buckingham Shum Can I submit the notebook for servicing via the web?

3:51 pm Rudolph O.Please visit the below link to locate your region and support number.


Simon & Jackie Buckingham Shum Are you human or software?

<long pause>

Rudolph O.Human Mr. Simon or Jackie Buckingham Shum

Simon & Jackie Buckingham Shum Hmm, if you’re sure, I believe you. Somewhat robotic though. thanks.

Rudolph O.I’m sorry about that

I just type very fast

Is there anything further you would like me to assist you with today?

Simon & Jackie Buckingham Shum no thanks

Rudolph O.To let me know how I am doing, please feel free to provide feedback by clicking the “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” at the top of this chat window. Your feedback is important.

You are an important customer to us and we appreciate your business. Please take a moment to complete a short survey to let us know how we are doing.

Thank you again for choosing ASUS. Have a great day!

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