Formalizing Philosophical Narratives for e-Learning

It’s always exciting when one strand of work collides with your own, and from this fusion, interesting new particles emerge. In this case, Mikele Pasin, a PhD student in KMi with Enrico Motta on modelling the literature around Wittgenstein using a semantic web approach (to create the PhiloSURFical prototype), then joined the Cohere team, and got interested in modelling discourse and argumentation structures.

The result was a paper which went down very well at the European Computing and Philosophy Conference last month, and demonstrates the hybrid collision of a Semantic Web perspective modelling consensus knowledge, and our take on the Pragmatic Web which revolves around modelling potentially contested intepretations. Nice work Mikele 🙂

Pasin, M., Buckingham Shum, S., & Motta, E. (2008). Formalizing

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