Learning Analytics BETT2013

I’m at the huge BETT2013 tradeshow, which has a HigherEd track for the first time (I think). Touring around the stands to see how many vendors are aware of where analytics is going…

Just gave a LearnLive session on Learning Analytics: Unlocking student data for 21st century learning?

Big Data is useless without the capacity to make sense of it: enter computational analytics and skilled analysts. Learning Analytics is an exploding research field and startup market, with potentially disruptive potential for higher education. You can’t buy a VLE now without an ‘analytics dashboard’. MOOCs are all the rage because of the educational databases learners and institutions provide for free to their hosts. But do you know the smart questions to ensure this fits strategically into your vision for delivering 21st (not 19th) Century education? Learning analytics’ promise is to transform education into a data-driven, evidence-based science and enterprise. However, there are some nightmare as well as dream scenarios. As with all assessment regimes, will we only value what we can easily measure, or seek to measure what we really value?

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