Joint PhD with NASA

Human-Agent Collaboration for Distributed Sensemaking and Action

3 year studentship sponsored by NASA Ames Human-Centered Computing group: to be filled as soon as possible:

The Challenge

What will scientific publishing, collaborative modelling, or internet argumentation look like when ideas might be agents, arguments can be monitored, and agents can provide active support to analysts working over time and space? What are the human and computing challenges, how would you investigate them, and how would you validate your work?

We invite candidates to read the linked resources, and write a research proposal following the guidelines.

You are…

…passionate about developing tools for mapping human knowledge, and inventing and understanding new kinds of user experience with software agents. You will have a keen interest in human-centred computing, bringing Java and/or Web programming skills, and a relevant background in one or more of: multi-agent systems, conceptual modelling, argumentation, knowledge engineering, collaboration tools, user interface design, usability evaluation. You will be a team player, capable of working collaboratively at a distance and across timezones, but able to initiate new ideas, and work to agreed objectives.

We’re looking to fill this position as soon as possible, so get in touch if you are interested!…

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