Storymaking project

Stories are our most primitive, and enduring, means of human communication. Like many others, we are interested in stories as a medium for knowledge sharing amongst practitioners (specifically in our work, amongst health professionals), and from a knowledge media perspective, we are investigating how they can be mediated in new ways via the Web.

What is the point of a story? Since stories are so powerful by virtue of the fact that their “meaning” is open-ended-very much in the eyes of the beholder-we are interested in how stories might be indexed on the Web.

What would be an appropriately flexible metadata scheme for annotating stories, which recognises the inherent ambiguity in a story's interpretation?

Can we find ways to draw on the rich history of research in narratology?

While the 'folksonomic' social tagging schemes currently in 'Web 2.0' vogue relax all constraints on how one may tag a page, they are correspondingly weak at helping a user find related pages: is there an expressive, but usable, semantics for annotating stories that can reveal more interesting connections?

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