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World Vision International is a global relief and development agency working in some of the most deprived areas of the world. KMi has been working with WVI to help them analyse feedback from a global consultation on its programmes. At the heart of this analysis was the Compendium software tool, which provides a visual sensemaking environment for classifying and connecting concepts.

KMi's Clara Mancini and Neil Benn used Compendium to create a summary report on the key themes, underpinned by, and linked to, a visual database which was co-published on the final report website. This depth of analysis would have been impossible to perform in the tight time constraints of this project.

Jonathan Flower, WVI's Coordinator of Development Programmes, commented:

“LEAP (Learning through Evaluation with Accountability and Planning) for Quality is a process to bring more rigour and consistency to how World Vision carries out design, monitoring, and evaluation of its programmes. Between May and July 257 people from 64 countries learnt about LEAP in its current draft form and suggested improvements and ways that it could better meet the needs of our field practitioners, Support Offices, and communities.

“The analysis and synthesis of the qualitative data generated, by the OU using Compendium, is facilitating the final drafting of LEAP and will also serve as a Knowledge Management tool for future reference. As World Vision staff review this work they may well identify other possible applications of Compendium.”

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