Collaboration tools demo leaves NERC Directors heads swimming

On Wednesday 15th October, three Directors from NERC (Nat. Env. Res. Cncl) visited the OU: Jonathan Bates, Avril Allman and Janice Timberlake.

The visit was primarily to discuss the proposed course for postgraduate students undertaking research degrees, namely ST500: Doing Postgraduate Research in Science and Technology, but the visit included the role of KMi collaboration technologies to kee remote PhD students 'present and aware' of their host faculties, and their wider research communities.

The directors confessed themselves deeply impressed by live demonstrations of web-based video conferencing to a student's home in New York using CNM's FlashMeeting, the Hexagon video awareness wall and virtual coffee room, BuddySpace messaging and visualization, D3E instant publishing of any website for discussion, and a video clip of a KMi virtual PhD supervision session combining shared Compendium and FlashMeeting.

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