ICQE21 Participatory Quantitative Ethnography Symposium

Here’s the symposium paper and session replay from the International Conference on Quantitative Ethnography, where a group of us reflected on the prospects for moving forward the concept of Participatory Quantitative Ethnography.

[Update! which has led to the creation of a PQE SIG]

Buckingham Shum, S., Arastoopour Irgens, G., Moots, H., Phillips, M., Shah, M., Vega, H. & Wooldridge, A. (2021). Participatory Quantitative Ethnography. In: Barbara Wasson & Szilvia Zörgő (Eds.),  Third International Conference on Quantitative Ethnography: Proceedings Supplement[Eprint]

Abstract: This symposium proposes that Participatory Quantitative Ethnography (PQE) is an important new strand of research for the QE community to develop. This paper introduces the participatory research values motivating PQE, outlines contributions from symposium speakers explaining the importance of PQE from different perspectives, before closing with a set of research questions that motivate a research agenda. It is hoped that this symposium may spark fruitful conversations and collaborations that advance PQE concepts, methodologies and tools. 

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