Collective Intelligence in Organizations

Congratulations to Antonietta Grasso and Gregorio Convertino, who have edited a double Special Issue of the leading Computer Supported Cooperative Work journal, just out:

Collective Intelligence in Organizations: Tools and Studies

I’m pleased to say that KMi’s research into Contested Collective Intelligence, using Cohere as our social-semantic discourse platform to explore these ideas, is part of this issue, from our joint work with Ágnes Sándor at Xerox, who spent time here as an OLnet Fellow. There’s an accompanying video as well from the CSCW 2012 conference.

De Liddo, Anna; Sándor, Ágnes and Buckingham Shum, Simon (2012). Contested Collective Intelligence: rationale, technologies, and a human-machine annotation study. Computer Supported Cooperative Work, 21, (4-5), pp. 417–448. Eprint:

If you share our interest in platforms for very large scale deliberation/argumentation, then you should also check out Mark Klein’s article (MIT Center for Collective Intelligence), in which he describes what we would call discourse analytics.

Finally, Gregorio chaired the most recent workshop in the international series fro mwhich this special issue emerges: Large-Scale Idea Management & Deliberation Systems


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