Memetic @ COOP 2006

I just got back from the COOP conference in Provence, whose special theme – “seamless integration of artefacts and conversations – enhanced concepts of infrastructure for communication” – matches the work we've been doing in the Memetic Project perfectly (see below)…

COOP is a well established conference specifically seeking to combine theoretical, empirical and technical work on collaboration tools and processes, with the 'harder' research strand of knowledge representation and formal semantics. A fun mix! Thanks to COOP for a great conference!

Memetic: An Infrastructure for Meeting Memory

This paper introduces the Memetic toolkit for recording the normally ephemeral interactions conducted via internet video conferencing, and making these navigable and manipulable in linear and non-linear ways. We introduce two complementary interaction visualizations: argumentation-based concept maps to elucidate the conceptual structure of the discourse using a visual language, and interactive event timelines generated from the meeting metadata. We discuss in detail the affordances of Memetic's tools, in particular the Compendium hypermedia mapping tool, and the Meeting Replay tool that renders the semantic navigation indices into the videoconference replays. Additionally, with respect to methodology and evaluation, we describe how we are engaging diverse end-user communities in the process of designing and deploying these tools.

Buckingham Shum, S., Slack, R., Daw, M., Juby, B., Rowley, A., Bachler, M., Mancini , C., Michaelides, D., Procter, R., De Roure, D., Chown, T., and Hewitt, T. (2006). Memetic: An Infrastructure for Meeting Memory. Proc. 7th International Conference on the Design of Cooperative Systems, Carry-le-Rouet, France, 9-12 May. [PrePrint:]

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