PhD Students

My ‘teaching’ is primarily the mentoring of PhD students, of whom I’m very proud! Search my blog for more news stories about them . . .

Clara Mancini (1999-2003). Towards Cinematic Hypertext. A Theoretical and Empirical InvestigationThesis | KMi News | Now Senior Lecturer in Computing, Open University

Bertrand Sereno (2001-2006). A Document-Centric Semantic Annotation Environment to Support Sense-MakingThesis | KMi News | Now Senior Faculty, Center for Creative Leadership, Brussels

Alexandra Okada (2005-2006). | Thesis |1st Year Lit Review | KMi News | Now Research Associate, KMi

Anna De Liddo (2006-2008). A Process Memory Platform to Support Participatory Planning and Deliberation Thesis | KMi News | Now Research Associate, KMi

Neil Benn (2002-2009). Modelling Scholarly Debate: Conceptual Foundations for Knowledge Domain Analysis Technology  | Thesis | KMi News | Now Researcher, Fujitsu Labs Europe

Joanna Kwiat (2000-2009). Multi-Perspective Annotation of Digital Stories for Professional Knowledge Sharing | Thesis | 1st Year Lit Review | KMi News | Now Northampton Borough Council

Al Selvin (2003-2011). Making Representations Matter: Understanding Practitioner Experience in Participatory Sensemaking  | Thesis | KMi News | Director, User Experience & Knowledge Management, Verizon USA (R.I.P.)

Simon Knight (2013-2015). Developing Learning Analytic Understandings of Epistemic Commitments in a Collaborative Information Seeking Task  | 1st Year Lit Review | KMi News | Now Lecturer, University of Technology Sydney

Duygu Simsek (2012-2016). Learning Analytics for Academic Writing Through Automatic Identification of Metadiscourse  | 1st Year Viva SlidesKMi News | Now Research Associate in Educational Technology, Open University

Shibani Antonette (2016—). Understanding the Impact of Automated and Peer Feedback on Academic Writing and Revisions

Vanessa Echeverria Barzola (2016—). Supporting the Development of Collaborative Skills Through On-time Feedback 

Sophie Abel (2017—). Building Learning Design Patterns to Embed Writing Analytics Tools in Research Writing Pedagogy

I regularly give tutorial introductions for professional development and doctoral summer schools, e.g.

Finally, I did some work on tools for e-PhDs, that is, part-time doctoral research conducted at a distance from the student’s supervisor and lab.

UTS Master of Data Science & Innovation (2015-2017)

UTS:CIC designed, launched (in 2015) and coordinated the transdisciplinary Master of Data Science & Innovation. As part of this, I coordinated and taught the first presentation of Data Visualisation & Narratives in 2016. In 2018 this program transferred to the new Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation.

Open University MBA: Managing Knowledge (1999-2002)

The Open University Business School launched the world’s first MBA level course on the red hot topic of Managing Knowledge in 1999 [archive page]. Joining this pioneering, multidisciplinary, distance learning team, I contributed:

  • Knowledge Technologies in Context (Course Unit): Conceptual foundations for the relationships between knowledge forms and technologies.

  • The Cost of Knowledge (Course Unit): What are the costs of obtaining information and turning it into useful knowledge? Put this into practice in a collaborative sensemaking exercise in an internet team.

  • Sensemaking in an Internet Team (Assignment): A novel internet-based assignment to reflect on the sensemaking and team processes involved in analyzing diverse information resources on the Web.

  • Managing Knowledge: An Essential Reader which brought together the key readings for the MBA. [chapter eprint]

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