Inspiration. My work is inspired by the vision and >40 years’ work of pioneer Doug Engelbart: to develop technologies which “augment human intellect”, our “collective capability for coping with complex, urgent problems.”

Important problems. My current work revolves around these separate but also intersecting fields:

  1. Collective Intelligence infrastructure (technologies and ways of working that pool what is known) for contested knowledge (these days most claims are contestable, and in any serious dilemmas, there is disagreement about the way forward).
  2. Learning Analytics (how do you know if someone is learning from the digital traces they leave behind?), in particular, for 21st century competencies (the personal qualities that citizens need to thrive in an age of turbulence and complexity — starting at primary school).

Research Publications. See the Open U’s eprint archive Open Research RepositoryGoogle Scholar, ACM Digital Library and my Orcid ID. News and views in my blog and twitter.


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