Learning Analytics Summer Institute 2017

This year’s field-building Learning Analytics Summer Institute, organised by SoLAR, is once again hosted at U. Michigan, with satellite LASI-Locals running in parallel all over the world (e.g. for reference, here’s the 2016 program).

Sign up if you can make it to Ann Arbor, or step up and convene a LASI to meet your community’s development needs in your own context. LASIs range from small groups to 100+ meetups.

This year I’ll be contributing at LASI on:

  • how we’re moving from a university-wide strategy around data and analytics, to the deployment of different kinds of Learning Analytics at different scales (keynote)
  • with CIC research fellow Andrew Gibson, how we approach the design of natural language processing for automated feedback to students on their writing (workshop 4)
  • how we can think more deeply about the challenge of black box analytics in education (tutorial 8)

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