Simon Buckingham Shum

Simon Buckingham Shum is Professor of Learning Informatics at the University of Technology Sydney, where he is Director of the Connected Intelligence Centre (CIC). He blogs at Simon.BuckinghamShum.net, LearningEmergence.net and Medium.

Simon is a Vice-President of the Society for Learning Analytics Research and has been active in contributing to this new field. His research interests are in the worldviews that analytics embody, and hence the role that analytics play in perpetuating or challenging educational regimes. He is investigating if analytics can make visible to learners and educators processes that help build higher order cognition, and the dispositions needed to cope with complexity and uncertainty — the only things we can be sure the future holds. Influencing this is his work on Collective Intelligence platforms for contested ideas, building on his earlier work in Knowledge Cartography and Visualizing Argumentation.

Background: Simon brings a human-centred computing perspective to technology. He moved into computing from the social sciences with a background in Psychology (B.Sc., York), Ergonomics (M.Sc., UCL) and Human-Computer Interaction (Ph.D., York/Rank Xerox EuroPARC). He is committed to developing research-informed software tools that practitioners choose to use for real work. He is a founding member of the Compendium Institute, Learning Emergence and Global Sensemaking networks. He was Co-Founder and General Editor of the Journal of Interactive Media in Education, one of the early open access, web-native, multimedia e-journals exploring new models of peer review. He was one of the Investigators on the OpenLearn programme which published thousands of hours of OU courses as Creative Commons open educational resources, and was Director of the OU’s SocialLearn project (2009), and associated research (2010-12). In a schools (K-12) context he was Chair of Governors at Bushfield School, a Governor at Radcliffe School, and now works in collaboration with schools on learning analytics and authentic pedagogy. His projects have been funded by national research councils, industry and philanthropic foundations. All of his work is indebted to some very special, long term collaborations over the years with the colleagues he has co-authored with.

Elsewhere… I’m a lifelong learner husband to Jackie, and dad to Tom, Jas and Jo. I was a moderate tennis player and university darts champion many moons ago, I still play a drumkit and cajon from time to time, when in the UK was an annual pilgrim to Greenbelt Festival, and a founding member of Visions. The way to my heart is very simple: Thai and Tiramisu. I am slowly getting better at DIY, but usually end up injuring myself!


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