ICLS 2018 Keynote

Here’s my abstract, with media to follow after the talk… Looking forward to being back in London! Keynote Address, International Conference of the Learning Sciences London Festival of Learning (2pm Wed 27th June 2018, Logan Hall, UCL) Transitioning Education’s Knowledge Infrastructure: Shaping Design or Shouting from the Touchline? Abstract: Bit by bit, a data-intensive substrate for education is being […]

Open source release of Academic Writing Analytics

When I arrived at UTS, I spent the first 6 months or so assessing the state of play with respect to student writing. It became clear through consultations across faculties that student writing was a strategically important area for UTS teaching and learning (and indeed, for most other educational institutions). Academic writing is hard to […]

Architecting Organisationally for Learning Analytics

I got to know Tim McKay in Vancouver at LAK17 (watch his outstanding keynote), and then at greater length when University of Michigan hosted LASI17. As I explained to him what we are doing at UTS with CIC, and learnt more about UM’s Office of Academic Innovation and in particular, the Digital Innovation Greenhouse, it became clear I had lots […]

Embracing Imperfection in Learning Analytics

These days, it doesn’t often take >2 years to write a conference paper, except because you’re too busy. But it’s enjoyable when it’s because you’re wrestling with colleagues with some difficult ideas, trying to craft a story you feel must be told, developing different kinds of argument which you erect and demolish in turn. This is that paper. […]

New PostDoc Fellowship & PhD Scholarships in Learning Analytics

It’s been an exciting 3.5 years here at UTS, and CIC is about to move into a new phase, with some team changes, and new openings. It’s always a delight to see my team move on to the next level, but of course I’m sorry to lose from the immediate team Simon Knight as he takes up […]

Addressing educators’ concerns about Learning Analytics

It was a pleasure to spend Tuesday afternoon in Melbourne at the Assessment Research Centre (Director, Sandra Milligan) and Centre for the Study of Higher Education (Director, Gregor Kennedy). There is such a breadth and depth of work in these centres, and I met an extraordinary range of researchers. They invited me to address the concerns that many educators have around […]

Visiting the IARPA SWARM Collective Intelligence project

As society’s problems get only more complex (not just more complicated), there is growing interest in how we can blend “the cloud with the crowd” — the best of machine intelligence and human intelligence. Specifically, complex, wicked problems are never resolvable by individuals analysing a problem and announcing the solution. Multiple perspectives are needed, and engaging stakeholders […]